Welcome to Desvista,

This is our way to be part of this amazing sustainable community from Germany.

Desvista is a platform where we share our transformation towards a greener, healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Desvista is a movement created by and for women of all styles and our goal is to practice sustainability and make it accessible for everyone to join and understand what it really means and how we can change our world, one woman at a time.

As designers, our focus goes to our areas of study: fashion and industrial/graphic design. So, in Desvista you will find tips, facts, data, tutorials and real examples of how we are transforming our lives through simple decisions making, choosing good every day. We are particularly interested in discussing consumerism and we act as an antidote for this practice.

We support fair, ethical, sustainable, conscious, handmade, vintage, secondhand fashion, and we do the same with industrial design.

As a team we hope to engage our community to transform the way we all live, think, shop, choose and do things. As women, we understand the power we have in our hands to develop our image and our homes and we intend to help all our friends to be part of this journey of a better way to do life.

With love, [ for you and our planet ]

Mariana & Érika


The Team


Mariana Morrell Iwanaga

Mariana Morrell is an awarded Fashion Designer from Brazil whose dream is to change the fashion industry for good, using sustainable tools.

She started her career a long time ago when she was 17 working for a variety of well-known brands in her country. She also studied fashion design in Istituto Europeo di Design back in Sao Paulo where she won her first international prize

Currently fulfilling her calling while you read this description, Mariana is the mind behind Desvista’s vision and operation.

She lives in Berlin with an awesome geek husband Gustavo, who has long black hair, and her lovely but terrible cat Allegra who loves butter and bread, just like mommy!

Érika Blanco Schmidt

Érika Blanco is a passionate Product Designer from Brazil whose artistic talent goes beyond borders.

Always in love with art, she got her bachelor degree in product design at the Belas Artes University in São Paulo while dancing Ballet professionally in her free time. Jumping from "pas de deux" to a "canvas" her creativity and inspiration always result in amazing artwork.

Érika got into the Desvista adventure to take care of the visual identity of the brand, the photography treatment, and the graphic design across the platform.

She lives in Frankfurt (not an airport and banks city only, by the way) with her marketer husband Kevin, where both have been enjoying the life in a German Metropole, always trusting God to lead their way.

Our Partners

Milena Beber - partners.jpg

Rafaela Morrell Glaser

Rafaela Glaser is an Artist from Brazil who spends her time developing and encouraging women. Her wish is to reach women all around the world addressing self-image and self-esteem issues.

She studied Visual Arts at PUC-Campinas in São Paulo and started her official career as an architectural-language teacher when she was 19. Abruptly interrupted her studies when she and her new husband moved to Hamburg and started their adventure in Germany.

Always writing, she is now on of our contributors at the Desvista Blog with sustainable fashion themes, exhibiting wardrobe solutions that also approach self-knowledge.


milena beber

Milena Beber, from Brazil, graduated in Marketing and works with digital and printed media.

She owns a #motherhood Instagram @soulmaternativa  where she shares her life and her tips in a very relaxed and real way speaking from a place of a tripled journey as a wife, a mom and working woman!

She is now one of the content creators at @desvista_ - our sustainable/conscious fashion platform helping women to consume less and be more creative!


The meaning of our name [ Desvista ]

Desvista is a Portuguese word ( let’s honor our Brazilian heritage, right? ) with 2 possible meanings.

The first one comes from the verb Vestir, in Portuguese, to dress or to put on. The Des is the equivalent prefix for UN in English, so in this sense, to undress or to take off. Desvista is the imperative form of the verb, so it acts as a command or a mandate.

In this first possibility of our name, we wanted to implicate that in order to change things we have to undress the mindset in which we operate. To become more sustainable we have to take off our previous culture so we are ready to put on a better one!

The second meaning of Desvista comes from the verb VER, to see, in Portuguese. Again, the same rule for the Des prefix works here as well, so it means something like: unseen, invisible, unnoticed, and unsighted.

In this form, we wanted for Desvista to be this behind meaning that you would have to look closely to see. There as practices and processes in the industries that are often ignored and unnoticed, not only involving environmental and social problem but also how the media uses the emotional connection, psychological attachment, and addiction to sell stuff that we don’t need and never wanted before in quantities and frequencies that are absurd.  

That’s Desvista, our call to reflection and action because we don’t have to buy into the system!

Desvista - avatar.jpg

Logo and Visual Identity

Our Logo and the complete Visual Identity reflect what we understand about Desvista.

The Logo has two possibilities just as the meaning of the word Desvista. Inside the Logo, there is a hanger to represent the design industry we are in, and there is the resemblance of an eye, to represent the second meaning of our name.

The visual identity functions as a call to action and also works as a manifesto: we will not close our eyes and be complacent to the mistakes that the fashion and design industry commits. We will work in full transparency and we will look closer exposing the wrong and supporting the right way to do things.