Getting the Curves in Line

Using the Advantage of having curves for an European Fashion.

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We know first-hand what is to be in a completely different Country, with a culture so far away from our own, that when trying to adapt we feel completely lost; there is so much to take in, that you don’t know where to start, where to look, who to ask, or what to do. And we want to help you with this article to understand at least the fashion side, and how to accustom to Europe’s clothes.

In Europe women have completely different bodies then Latinas, they tend to be taller and skinnier. Research shows that their hight-average is 10 cm higher than ours!  Resulting on finding beautiful outfits fitted for these patterns, that you would love to use, but that don’t seem to fit you the same way.

Being fashion-forward does not mean to wear absolutely everything that is on trend; by using the wrong shirt or pants you could ruin the whole idea you aim to create: “That you look amazing in that outfit”. So it's important to know your shape and what fits it best in order to be a stylish person, because that is the basis of style.

Compromising a well-formed shape for the sake of using clothes that don't fit, can wash you out!

So if you are like me and are living in a new place, that has a lot of beautiful trends, I want to introduce you to a few ideas that might help you to avoid reckless usage of clothes.

Prepare yourself.

The molding of the clothes; colours; fabrics; and styling of the outfits, maybe completely different from the ones we have in Latin America, and we it will take some time to adjust to them. When you are in desperate need for clothes and walk into, what we are hoping is a second-hand store, you should expect, different sizes and measures.

And imagine: if the molding is different, it is likely that nothing will fit the same. For this reason it's important to measure yourself and take a look at the sizing chart of your new country, so that prior to any shopping adventures you would be prepared for what you are going to find.

Great tips are,  before even walking into the store, asking a local what you are going to need for that season (if it's summer it is superfluous, but if it's winter this could come in hand), it is not because you want to adopt an ecological thinking that you should freeze to death, take a look at your closet, penciling a list of what’s absolutely necessary, researching websites, and getting a perspective of what is being sold, what stores seem to have clothes that better fit your taste and shape, and what is the trend of the season.

So when you do go to a store, you already selected one that have stylish beautiful clothes that you need and dovetail into your taste.

1 - Getting shape direction!

Learning what works for your shape; understanding your body, and what you would like to highlight or tune-down, is the basis of being fashionable. When the outfit is poorly-fitted, it can create the illusion that you are bigger, older, or even vulgar, driving attention to you in a way that you don’t want.

So take a look in the mirror, and with every piece of clothing that you wear notice what they do to your body. What looks good? What feels good? What becomes bigger if you use it like this? What becomes smaller if you use it like that?

Notice also what others might tip you with this, what clothes are being complemented, what seems to be a big hit when you use it, and why. Remembering that this should never be your final goal (pleasing others), but when it comes to understanding how others see you, it can be a good thermometer.

2 - Styling Yourself!

When it comes to styling, the best advice is to always explore! Change your hair, change your makeup, test colors, try different outfit combinations, and by doing that you will not only find what is the look that best fits you, but also different ones that complement you just as well.

Taking the same outfits, but using different accessories, different shoes, hair and makeup, could be a small but great start. Once you are comfortable with this step, try to change or add bigger items.  

Listen to what your fashion-self it's talking to you, are you in the mood for trying new looks one day? Great, then go big, and use that feeling to create something amazing. Are you in the mood to learn a different make-up? Awesome, watch some videos, play a little, test your knowledge! You are not in the mood for going big one day? Then don't, respect you pace, use something that you feel comfortable but great in.

We also recommend that you take notes on what styles you like, and advise you to look further from what you already know, it's not necessarily because you like one style, for example: "rocker chick", that other ones won't look just as good on you, or even that you wouldn't love them even more. Did you see a romantic look on Tv and loved it? Try something similar, see how it feels!

You can also use your creativity to reconstruct the shape of your clothes, with a simple scissors, some clothing paint and fabric-patch, there's a lot you can do. This takes some time, and shouldn't be done just out of a wimp, it takes a little bit of research and planning not to screw-up a perfectly good clothe, but if you do take the time to do it, can be a very cheap solution and ecological rewarding.

Styling is a non ending step, you will always be able to use your creativity and come-up with new thoughts and ideas, and every time bringing your taste to a better and more well-constructed shape.

3 - Thinking of your color palette!

The colors in Germany for instance come in a more discreet palette, that seems to bother some of the foreigners, and even some Germans that need to purchase clothing items. The fashion here looks out for a cozy, practical and not so flashy look, that in my opinion is absolutely beautiful, but not that practical for my shape.

So, how to deal with these problems? If you are in real need for clothes, and have to go shopping, keep in mind at all times what are the products that function for you. To take what you’ve already learned about your body and putting it to practice, by creating rules of what not to buy; and keeping the purchases in the color palette that you have previously thought out to be the best for you.

Knowing that sometimes these colors won't be so easy to find, but that there is a big range of supply where you can look at, and that if you do a previous research on the stores you plan on visiting you can make it a very easy trip.

When talking about colors, it is of great wisdom to pick darker tones to tune down, and brighter ones to highlight the parts you want!  And it might seem obvious, but in practical terms this happens in a completely different way: Don't ever pick clothes on colors that you don't like. It is a well-known rule for a reason "if you don't love it in the store, you're not going to wear it".

4 - Exhibiting originality!

Show your originality, by mixing what you already learned about your shape, the colors that you like, your best styles, and in outfits that fit you perfectly by bringing creative personal details into them. The best look is the one that no one can match, or purchase, the one that is yours and it's completely you.

Trying to adapt yourself entirely, could make transitioning to this new Country unnecessarily much harder. There are a lot of immigrants besides Latinas in Europe, and most of them maintain their culture as intact as they can, showing the pride and love for their own roots.

So here is another idea: using the fashion of your home-country and the new one, showing a fresh new thinking that admirers would completely envy, and again won't be able to match.

Displaying that you are proud of your origins, and even better, of your body, is to reveal real confidence, and to reflect that you are happy with yourself.

And after you manage to get the hang of all these thoughts, you can incorporate to your wardrobe, modern items that add to them, transforming your self-esteem and beautiful figure into something better than you could imagine.

So dress yourself for what looks best on you! And don’t worry to keep up with every trend, because what matters is that you feel beautiful and happy.

And as Audrey Hepburn once said “Happy girls are the prettiest girls”.

Written by Rafaela M. Glaser