Learning about your Body Type

Learning about your Shape and the baggage that comes with it.

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The expression “good taste” means absolutely nothing when it comes to someone that does not understand what works for their body, and truth be told, we all own clothes that are not proper for our shape, being aware of it or not.

In a perfect world we would be able to choose what our bodies look-like every day, according to what we want to wear.

But since is not a perfect world, we all come with different characteristics that stores just can’t keep up with, and on top of that our wardrobes don’t come with a instruction manual. What we can do is to learn what fits us better, and by doing that, creating rules of what we should, or shouldn’t possess.

Dressing in the wrong way could affect our self-esteem. And the longer we do it, the more we believe that we are not beautiful, that everybody looks better than us, or even that we are not worthy of owning nice clothes.

The first step would be to learn your shape. Since you have been dressing yourself for years, I am guessing you know what are the parts of your body that are larger or smaller, and what are the ones you like to accentuate or not. Also the use of colors is an essential art, because by knowing the pallets that you like and works for you is an important part of choosing your outfits, defining and polishing your final look.

Once you know what your shape demands you can start looking for the clothes that fit this pattern in your wardrobe, and change the way you wear the ones that doesn’t fit you perfectly.

This environmental-friendly solution is the way you can complete your drawers with only outfits that would be practical and beautiful on you, avoiding for the most part self-conflict, and by extension facilitating the daily decision-making process, and having a complete closet, not needing to buy clothes in excess.

Learning about your Body Type.

Researching about body types I found out I had no idea what that meant, and not only I didn’t have the slightest idea of what my shape was, I also  discovered how to work around the traits of the one I actually do have.

So I challenge you to discard everything you think you know about this subject, and to think a little before reading this article, about the following:

1 - What are your energy levels? Are you a morning, or evening person? Do you have a constant energy throughout the day?

2 - What is your personality? How would you describe yourself to a total stranger?

3 - Are you a stressed person? How do you handle stress?

Being really objective our Body-types are our Shapes! And they variate on forms and sizes and are defined a certain way because of various reasons, like our genetics, diet, exercise routines; metabolism; (and former to all of these) it is defined according to the glands that are predominant in our organism!

Hopefully you gave the questions some thoughts because each gland is responsible for a different thing, on that account our shape will also define certain aspects of our personality. Isn’t that amazing?

There are 4 Body types, and in the following serie we are going to learn their traits and how to dress for each of them. After you know what category you can find yourself in, is easier to understand your body language and what schedules, and routines work better for you, knowing by extension how much you can take on, your strengths, and what are the outfits that best translate that.

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1 - Adrenal (more famous as inverted triangle).

The Adrenal gland, is known for Adrenaline, which will affect the personality as a more combative person, with high physical resistance, high tolerance for pain, and by being the strongest of all the types is the one that will contain large energies reserves, being on this account very stable.

In this shape, the woman has a bigger upper body, and usually larger breasts transcending a stronger image, having on that account the same pace throughout the day, from since they wake-up till they go to bed.

Usually the personality would be defined as jovial, sociable and warm, tending to be very practical and objective person, but interiorizing stress.

Triangle - Shape - Moldura.jpg

2 - Thyroid (known as triangle).

Defined by the gland of feelings, the thyroid body type, is the one where the fat will established itself on the belly and hips.

More of a morning person, the personality traits are passionate  for new things, easily distracted, loves sensations and things that excites them, and can express themselves really well.

HourGlass - Shape - Moldura.jpg

3 - Gonad (Pear shape).

Known for having a well divided body, with larger hips, have the traits of being a night owl, being able to stay awake till late, but needing curiously more sleep then the other types. Having a stable energy that increases during the day.

Not as strong as the other groups, works at their own pace. Very loving interested, warm, perseverant, reliable personality.

Oval - Shape - Moldura.jpg

4 - Pituitary (Rectangle or Oval Shape).

This body-type is a smaller group, more predominant in Asia, that are influenced by the gland of reason. With the same width of hips, shoulder and bust, can vary from rectangle to oval depending on weight.

More of a morning person, can get really tired at night, and by reasoning things will always compare, analyze and judge before making a decision. Also, is very imaginative, known for the philosopher traits in its personality.

Treating your shape for what it deserves

I think we all can agree, that the most important thing about self-esteem, is to feel comfortable with yourself! Comfortable in your own skin.

For that, we need to learn that we are beautiful, nobody is perfect, and that we should celebrate our peculiarities! I know, a lot of clichés in the same sentence. But they are all true, and of great importance, because after you start seeing yourself with positive eyes, you are capable of taking much better care of your body and mind, and having a confident attitude.

After you take notes on all of this, you can start thinking on the next step for your shape: How to dress it?

Any questions? Please leave a comment!

Written by Rafaela M. Glaser