How to wear a Pink Blush jacket

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We all heard the question, “What's your favorite color?”, and I think we all have the answer for it; but when it comes to clothes, they can be a very confusing and complicated subject.

I'm sure you've heard a lot about styling. This Theme is everywhere nowadays, there are a lot of studies, programs, TV shows and books about how to Mix&Match clothes that will look good on you; and a big step on this process are Colours!

Why some of them look amazing on some people, when on others wash them out? The answer it's very simple: we all have different skin colors and different personalities. Here at Desvista we believe that in order to look great you have to respect both!

Here is an example: some studies may say that your skin color is perfect for an orange piece of clothing, and it might be true, but if you hate orange you may end up wearing something that you are not comfortable with.

And what we want to introduce in this series, is ways to use them, and understand how they work with our skin tones.

Go Washed Pink

Colours have meanings and as Design and Art students we studied a lot to understand what's the role that colours have in our life, and we were able to comprehend not only the meaning behind a color, but also what it can activate in our brain!  Today, we are talking about Blush Pink, in an outdoor, day-time look.

Hanging out with Tatiana Chavariaga, was an enormous pleasure, she is kind, gorgeous and  easygoing; the atmosphere around her feels light! And that's exactly why we chose to photograph her, in order to talk a little more about colors that look amazing in latinas!  

Inspired by her amazing tan (conquered in Capri one week before), and  the summer that just ended in Europe, we decided to take time to photograph this wonderful woman with a color palette that really stand out on her. Every outfit was chosen from her own wardrobe, and we mixed all the pieces to make endless possibilities of how to wear them. Curious?… Good!


The star color of this editorial is Blush Pink, represented in Tati's twill jacket. This color looks especially good on her because is slightly more pink than her skin color, for that reason it makes her tan darker and a little more blush, giving it, a great complement!

So when comparing it to your own skin tone, choosing a lighter and more pink color can make your skin stand out, and accentuate it, and is particularly great if you still have your tan on. Working in this case, this type of pink, for brunettes with a darker skin.


Turning to the other colors on this photoshoot palette it's important to talk about all the base colors used: dark and light Brown; white and light Blush Pink; those are the foundation colors. They all go with each other, and look good together, and may not be true protagonists of the outfit, but they make the main event look even better.

So when you want to make some item in your outfit stand-out, it's important to choose other clothes that stay in the same color palette, but go in a more discreet way as a foundation.


On the same set of colors we introduced an outfit a little more vibrant, that is great in day-time and when wanting to transcend happiness and lightness.

The stronger Pink represented on the dresses flowers, are complemented by the Leaf Green in the snickers, and the reason they work so well together is that they variate in two important forms from the Blush Pink, one being the same color but in a different tone (Pink flowers), and the other being the opposite  color to the Blush Pink (Leaf Green).

And to see that the background in Berliner Park, where the photoshoot was taken, completes the outfits perfectly by having the same color principles. So these color palette would be right on the spot, when going for a stroll in the park, or an outdoor barbecue perhaps.

1 - Tones of pink that are lighter than your skin-color, emphasizes your skin-tone.

2 - When choosing the base of your outfit, pick from the same color palette but in tones that don’t stand-out.

3 - To complement the look, using details in a darker tone of the outfits main color, or the opposite tone is always a great ideia.

But there is only one way to see if you agree with these article: Try it out!

Written by Rafaela M. Glaser and Mariana M. Iwanaga.