Tatiana Chavariaga in the Mix & Match Challenge

Tatiana Chavariaga, Medellin, Colombia.

Tatiana Chavariaga, Medellin, Colombia.

The word we are looking for is: CREATIVITY.

That's our goal! Using creative ideas you will be able to Mix&Match completely different outfits, putting together every time something new, and you won't be bored with your clothes anymore!

We believe that almost everybody heard something about the fashion industry being unfair or causing some kind of social or environmental problem; the world was in shock when a building in Daka collided killing hundreds of people; we listen to stories about chemical products being dropped in the rivers in India in the denim dying process, and we were told about human slavery in lots of brands. Working "with" and "in", the fashion industry for years, I was able to be close to some of this facts and we here at Desvista are worried about all of the horrendous truths that surrounds these companies, after all, we love clothes, but people and nature will always come first.


Why are we talking about fashion errors in an article about wardrobe choices?

The answer is as simple as this: if you know how to use your wardrobe properly (using 100% of all you have) you won't need to buy more stuff. If you don't buy,  and take care of the clothes and fashion items that you own, you will be throwing away less pieces! If you do that, the world will have less fashion waste and less garbage. Now, if not only you, and me, but hundreds of people do that, can you image the positive impact we will make?

So, with no more delay, say Olá to Tati! She is a gorgeous Colombian friend of ours currently living in Berlin. Tati, pretty against the norm nowadays, owns a very little number of clothes, and this is awesome! She borrows from her husbands wardrobe now and then, and she has the ability and opportunity to create amazing outfits because everything she owns has a strong personality, just like her!

Today, we are showing you her catalog! In the photos taken in her marvellous apartment near the Spree river in Berlin, we were able to capture the essence of who she is, and what's her wardrobe is all about! We used 7 pieces of clothes: one jeans skirt with a line of buttons on the front (designed and sewed by her mom in Medellin); one twill skinny white pants; one white blouse and one black flat t-shirt; one pink flower printed dress; one military green shirt and finally one pink blush Jacket. We also included 4 accessories: one rounded black purse; one blush belt; one Adidas sneakers and one black high heels sandals.

Using only 7 pieces of clothing we were able to produce 20 outfits with some variations.

To sum up, we decided on these outfits with a spring/summer mind, but as we hope you could see, we believe you can transit diverse scenarios using just a few pieces and a lot of imagination! Also, we believe you can wear these clothes in a city environment and in the countryside.

Did you like it? Would you wear it? Tell us your favorite outfit!!

Written by Mariana M. Iwanaga