3 Steps for Stripes


Hey girls!!

Our Goal with the Mix&Match Challenge, is to incentive you to try many possibilities with your closet, and find alternatives that you couldn't notice before. Other than that we also want to give you a few practical tips on how to wear certain pieces.

This article tip is: How to use stripes!

1 - If the goal is to lengthen your shape, we would definitely suggest vertical stripes (that can be created by your knit t-shirt, not only by prints!) in a dark-colored t-shirt, instead of bright and horizontal stripes. The darker color giving the illusion of the object (in this case you) being smaller, and lines pointing up extending your torso.

2 - When you go with horizontal and bright, the inevitable effect that it will cause is: "Increase". That's why it is important to use a black, brown pants or dark jeans to balance the look.

Especially if you have a larger bust line, you should look out to add darker pieces to the outfit, as a jacket, scarf, or shoes as we did in these photos.

Let's admit! Horizontal stripes are amazing. We just have to be careful with them.

3 - To become bigger and blurrier when there are lines drawn on your clothes is very common, as we like to call it "the balloon effect", and to avoid this problem you should create a silhouette through a tight t-shirt, or a blouse with a well-defined waist.


4 - A great tip is also to check the neckline! Showing (a little bit) of skin is always good when helping to define a shape. You can always bet on a small "v" or "boat" line.

A perfect example of  "How to Use a Striped t-shirt" was one of our compositions: a black & white, tight, and bright t-shirt with a dark wine color pants, and on top of the shirt we used a dark blue long cardigan with the purpose of lengthening. A great addendum to it was an also dark blue jeans jacket on top of the cardigan to finalise the look.

Using this easy pattern of rules is very quick to learn how to use this amazing Mark on the fashion Industry, that Stripes are.

Do you love stripes as much as I do?... Then let me know your thoughts on this Challenge!

Written by Rafaela M. Glaser conjunct with Mariana M. Iwanaga.