How to wear a Parka in different seasons.


How about choosing the favorite jacket from your closet and taking it for a ride?

Have you ever had that piece of clothing that is very dear to you, and no matter how much you use it, you can't get tired of it? Well, for my beloved sister Mariana, this piece is her amazing Green Parka.

The green Parka is 100%wool with a polyester lining, purchased in a second hand store (ASA, Pinheiros, São Paulo), has a straight armhole and an oversized shape with a belt that can be tied up.

How to wear a Green Parka?

With printed dresses, pants, skirts, you can make a matching palette (all green for example) or completely different colors, making the outfit more fun.

1 The Key is in your Accessories.

Perfect for mid-seasons, it could go with basically everything, a fact that at first glimpse we might not realize, but if we challenge ourselves to be creative we can easily see. You could combine with day and night outfits, flats, sneakers and high heels.

2 Challenge

And in honor of this beautiful piece we want to challenge you to use an item, like this jacket, for different occasions and with different accessories, (get out of the routine).

For instance, this jacket has seen plenty of daylight, but because of her boldness, Mari was able not only to use it for a "cool" day look, but also for night adventures or events, and it just works!


Written by Rafaela M. Glaser conjunct with Mariana M. Iwanaga.