As the word already says the "Navy look" has its origins on the marine but is impossible to say when or why this style ( that we know now better as blue and stripes) started. The main reason is that each element was "introduced" to the style in different time frames.

But the important thing is that for whatever reason, this look, seen and worn by so many, is known today as a fashion classic!

In order to celebrate the Navy, we created a special Mix&Match, playing with all the colors and details brought by this style. We varied eight pieces of clothing into 26 different looks; Outfits that you most likely have in your wardrobe as well, or that hopefully can be translated to it.

The interesting thing to notice with "classical looks" is that you can't go wrong with them. They are outfits that represent old if not ancient generations before us, perfected over the years, and because of this long process we already know how to combine these pieces, and even if we don't is really easy to find information about them.

Not just for the easy access to information, but also for the basic colors and fabrics combinations, for example; in the navy style wearing a blue striped t-shirt with jeans means to already have a great look, but putting it together with a red lipstick can bring it to perfection.

So we challenge you to look into your closet and notice the many possibilities of classical looks that you can create with your clothes, and what is the style that seems to stand out the most.

Are you up for it?

Let us know what you thought about this challenge!

All items:

Tops Jeans shirt/ Navy blue long sleeves knit T-shirt/ Red vintage coat with shoulder pads/ Blue&white long sleeves t-shirt/ Navy blue silk tank top.

Bottoms Twill pants with blue/white vertical stripes/ Tulip knit midi skirt with blue/white horizontal stripes/ Printed straight dress with long sleeves.

Accessories Red purse/ Light nude sneakers/ Red peep toe pump.

Written by Rafaela M. Glaser