White Shirt Perks

How to wear the “Key Items” in your closet!


When we talk about a classic style we're not only addressing hole looks from different times, like we did with the Navy look this week, but also talking about "key items" to all wardrobes. We could spend the whole year listing examples of looks and items, like the fifty's dresses, biker leader jackets, high-waisted jeans, etc and hopefully, we will talk about many of them, but we wanted to highlight with this article a particularly important piece: The White Shirt.

Why the White Shirt?

Throughout the week there are certain things that make our daily routine easier, like the food we eat, the way we organize ourselves, and also the clothes we wear, making life more practical.

It is because of "key clothing items" that we have the possibility of transforming an outfit into basically anything, and we wanted to show you the example of the White Shirt; a piece adapted from man's traditional shirt, and that today so many of us own.

Milena Beber for Desvista Girls.

The founder of @maternativa_ , Milena Beber, put together for us this week three looks with this iconic piece, a working outfit (pantacurt and scarpin), a monochromatic night-out outfit (white skirt with a light glaze), and a weekend outfit (jeans, snickers and small purse).

With this common but efficient piece, she created different combinations from work looks to night-out outfits with just a few changes. And that's what a working mom like Milena needs in her week, and precisely what she showed us in the Desvista Girls this week.


If you don't love white, or shirts, we are not encouraging you to go out and buy one, quite the contrary, don't ever purchase clothes that you are not in love with, but you should use Milena's example and try to wear an item that you call classical for different occasions.

You might find this exercise quite helpful, and this way even gain a little time while getting dressed.

Try it out and tell us what you think!