Dressing for your Shape

Learning How to Dress for your Body Type.


The key to Dressing yourself is to understand your body, learn to respect it, and to build an image that you can be proud of with it, using the simple art of emphasizing and disguising.

On this article, you are going to receive some tips of what looks best and what needs a second thought when it comes to dressing for your shape, and it's important to know, before starting, that we are not discussing right and wrong, but simply pointing out some thoughts.

We divided our tips into 5 shapes that varie from the existing 4 different body types, keeping in mind that every shape is different and with that, we all can relate to several fashion-struggles that are not specific to our group.

So find your type, or go for it and read the entire post, but make sure to takes notes so you can improve your look!

Triangle Girls (Thyroid)


This is the body type of several latinas! The main characteristic of this type is that the hip's width is larger than the bust width. It's a very popular and beautiful shape so if this is your case, rejoice!

In this case, since the hips will bring immediate attention, let's be careful not to cross the "sexy line"! The key is to distribute equal attention to your upper part, so it won't fade-out when creating a look. Ok, but how?

1 - Always use Bright colors where there is less volume.

Wearing white, bright colors or prints (especially if the print is made out of small patterns) is super nice if you do it right. This type of prints is amazing in making something appear to be bigger! So, make sure that you wear it on top and put a quieter and less shiny color on the bottoms.

If you love prints and don't want to use them only on your blouses and t-shirts, no problem, just make sure to wear bigger patterns on your pants or skirts!

2 - More volume upstairs and less volume downstairs.

Yes, you can wear a tulip or straight skirt and skinny jeans (or another type of skinny pants). Is always important to pay attention to the color (remembering that our goal is to use darker and less shiny tons on the bottom).

Plus: when looking for a well-distributed shape, you can use something with more volume on the top, it can be a T-shirt; a shirt or a long-sleeve; as long that is loose and not tight!

3 - Skirts.

A note for your working clothes: A proper skirt might actually look better than tailored pants, be mindful with the length, avoiding short ones. Is better, in this case, if the skirt reaches at least your knees, like midi skirts! Again distributing your shape in a harmonious way.

Why not a balloon skirt or any type that is loose? It's totally your choice and there is plenty of skirts shapes that will look good on you, and here comes the "Color Rule" again: the darker the better.

Try your skirt on, ask some honest friends, but know that if the skirt is the "right amount" of loose, it should be a perfect choice.

4 - Tight Clothes.

Why not a total "Tight Look"? Of course, you can wear it, but a total "Tight Look", especially in this shape of the body, is a bit dangerous because it will add a certain "sexiness", that you might want to avoid depending on the environment you're at and the image you are trying to create!

5 - What about length?

Length is always important. Short skirt or shorts will always have a stigma behind them, whether we like it or not! It's always preferable to use a longer length for Triangles here, a big hip combined with a long piece of clothing will disguise the attention of the hip and will distribute the focus to the rest of your body.

Hourglass Girls (Gonad)


In this Figure, the measures from the bust and hip are more similar, and the measure from the waist much thinner. This gorgeous body type is common among a lot of groups!

1 - Distribute the focus!

We have two parts asking for attention here: bust and hip! Let's start with the top.

When choosing the best top for this body type it's always better not to wear something too loose because it will give the impression that you don't have a waist. So, make sure to always define the waistline (above your belly button), this will help you enrich and define your shape. If you'd like to use something super-tight, just keep in mind to keep a more conservative neckline.

About the bottoms: Some "rules" we've shown in the "Triangle Girls" apply here as well, but let's remember that what varies for the "Hourglass" is that the body type is a little bit different because the bust line here is larger than the other group!

Avoid little prints at any cost. Is always better in this scenario to wear bigger patterns, that will highlight without creating the illusion of being bigger than some prints can cause, making sure to look out as well for the length of your clothes (not too short, not too long).

2 - Colors, please!

Colors are great, and we have other posts to help you out with choosing the best color pallets to harmonize with your skin color. Here, we will give you a little tip, always remember that bright and light colors create the illusion that the object is bigger, so make sure to highlight whatever you want to stand out.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, the natural pallet is the best choice here! Hourglass girls look amazing with an all natural color kind of look (Remember Megham the princess staring in Suits? She is an amazing example!).

3 - The importance of the Neckline.

Dressing up with looser tops, and midi skirts will highlight your legs instead of your buttocks and hips, and by combining it with a natural color pallet will give you an amazing sophisticated look. But all of that will be for nothing when wearing the wrong neckline, making all these great combinations sink.

The best, most important neckline for these group is the V line. Yes, this is the best, it looks gorgeous and will enrich your bust, but with the right length!

The right V length is always the one that will end where your boobs begin. Remember that our goal is not to show everything we have with a cleavage, but to enrich and distribute the focus!

What to Avoid? Boat necks, T-shirts, or racerbacks! Here the phrase: "Meet me in the middle" is perfect.

Oval Girls (Pituitary)


This is a very common shape, and I've seen several women all around the world, that belong to this group, struggle to find thoughts and ideas that would adjust to them, because for some reason is very hard to find fashion tips about the Pituitary Shape, and that's exactly why we want to share with you some clever insights.

The Oval shape is defined by a bust, waist and hip line with the same measures!

1 - Colors.

It is very natural for women in general to "hide" in dark pallets, but we want to encourage you to try out colors that you like, bringing some life into your drawers, considering always closed colors.

Know that dark tones in your waist will give your waistline a better definition, either if that's a belt or a stripe in the middle of the dress.

Again we bring you the "print rule": Bigger patterns are the right way to go, and if you can: stay away from small prints.

2 - Waist or no waist?

Waist! Outlining the waistline gives a more feminine look, delivering quite an image! So keep in mind that whenever is possible, you should define your waist.

You can do this using belts, or even colors (darker top beneath with a shorter and brighter top over it, or a pair of pants slightly more bright than the blouse). Also, make sure to see the cut of your clothes (a tighter top + a not too loose bottom).

3 - Creating a Vertical look.

If you like straight cut dresses, as I do, we want to introduce you to a piece that will make a fine partner to your dresses; and that is the Cardigan.

Using an open cardigan or sweater that matches the length of your dress will turn your outfit direction vertical, polishing and lengthening your entire shape; which is for everybody types a bonus.

With this brilliant piece, you will have at least 2 colors, and another thought is to go for an opposite shade beneath, for example: If your long pullover is a camel, wear a straight cut black dress underneath it!

4 - Show your wrist and ankles.

The wrist and ankle are the two slimmest parts of the human body, and by using these very clever extremities will also help us to lengthen our shape.

Exposing them will help to create a less tough image and will relocate the focus from the center of our bodies to the ends!

A key note here is: If you are not the tallest in your class, make sure to stay away from midi skirts or dresses, the knee is a very important friend of yours and also your border limit. Everything "just above the ankle" should be avoided.

Rectangle girls (Pituitary)


The Pituitary body type in a leaner shape will create a more Rectangle form, also having the same measures from, bust, waist, and hip length. In this particular form, the range of rules is much wider, especially because nowadays the majority of clothes are made for thinner women.

So if this is your case, you should feel very comfortable, because your journey through the fashion world should be very practical.

1 - All colors are your friends.

You don't have to be careful to play with colors and prints, we just remind you (again) that darker colors hide, brighter shows and that small prints tend to expand and give volume, which can be in your case a good card to play and thoughtfully use.

2 - Waist or no waist?

Both can work, but for very different styles. No matter the dress, using an item to define your waistline will create a more feminine look, and wearing it loose will give you a more modern outcome.

3 - Back to back!

(Remember Kate Hudson in How to lose a guy in 10 days?) We encourage you to appreciate the privileges that come with your shape, and one of them is showing your back. Going for a great backline gives a sophisticated look, but on a daily basis is not all environments that allow you to do so, and a great counterpoint to balance it is a beautiful neckline.

4 - The shorter length is the way to go.

By not having a great width on the hip, it is of your interest to wear a shorter skirt, dress or shorts, that will provide a more concentrated focus-point, and by doing so more volume. But keep in mind that shorter does not mean vulgar.

Because the attention isn't immediately drawn to the legs, is easy to say that is not "too short", but doesn't mean that it won't look like it on a second glimpse, so just be careful not to cross this thin line.

Inverted triangle girls (Adrenal)


As the name already says, this is the opposite shape from the triangles, where the bust width will be wider than the hips. The fashion industry usually doesn't cooperate so well for this shape, because by being a trickier type, goes on opposite rule-directions from other body types, especially the triangles.

1 - Brighter on the bottom.

You can always bet on brighter colors and small prints on your pants, skirts, and shorts, to balance your shape and give you a well-distributed figure. Either if that's in a natural or darker pallet.

For some reason, white pants and shorts on this shape fit it always perfectly.

2 - More volume downstairs and less volume upstairs.

You are free to wear volume in your bottoms, it can be skirts or dresses with godet cut and will look amazing. If you want to wear a pencil or tulip skirt, no problem, just keep in mind to use a brighter color than the one on the top.

Is important to know that when wearing a boat neck your neckline will become bigger, and because on all shapes the idea is to give the body a balance, you should avoid at any cost this type of neckline. A better choice would be going vertical, like with the V-neck.

3 - Always shorter.

Shorter pants, skirts, and shorts are also for you, as for the Rectangle girls, better. If you use a longer bottom it will accentuate the width of your upper-body giving a more horizontal direction and by consequence shortening you.

So our advice is to stick with short, being wary of when too short, it can give other people the wrong impression.

Note for all girls.

And just know girls that we are creating always tips, pictures, and ideas to help you understand every time that you open Desvista, a little bit more about who you are, or who you want to be.

What are your thoughts about this subject? Let us know.