Dressing for the Cold.

Practical tips for when Dressing in the Winter!

The Cold can bring out what's best in fashion, looks put together with different layers, scarfs, pullovers, cardigans, and boots! Great pieces that are easy to combine and give such a beautiful final result.

Winter is here, and to properly prepare yourself for it, can be quite tricky. So we wanted to offer you a "guidebook" for Winter's clothing, focusing on items that you might have in hand, and dividing them into four layers: the Base, the Indoor Look, the Outside Look, and the Accessories.

1 - Creating a Base (First Layer).

The first step, and probably the most important one, to guaranteeing that the cold won't slip in, is to create a layer that will cover your entire body, like a second skin, and the pieces that will make this possible are long-sleeved t-shirts, thick pantyhose with a good snagging resistance, and long and warm socks.

A great trick is to always tuck in the t-shirt inside the pantyhose to seal the heat, and pull the socks till your knees, with the same purpose.

It is absolutely necessary to do it but at the same time very simple.

2 - The Indoor Look (Second Layer).

The Indoor Look can be ironically the combination of two layers.

Since most places nowadays have heat, the indoor of a house or office can be quite warm, or very cold; so when creating a look, you should prepare yourself for both scenarios.

A perfect example would be pants and a long-sleeved shirt with a pullover over it, and in case it's warm you can always take off the pullover.

With this example in mind, you can play around with the items, and fit them into this pattern; for example: using different types of pants (jeans, high-waisted, etc), shirts, and pullovers (sweaters, cardigans, buttoned or not).

And since is Christmas, why not go for a Thematic Sweater?

3 - The Outside Look (Third Layer).

The last layer is the final step to getting warm, and therefore what you are going to use outdoors. We are talking about Coats and Shoes!

With so many coat styles out there is easy to be misled into purchasing one that is not appropriate for the cold. Yes, buying a real winter coat for the first time is not simple!

You should always check if it closes all the way up because coats with open necklines can be beautiful but not at all practical, making the whole body freeze on account of that one small part that is not covered.

It should go below the hips avoiding the cold to get into your upper body, be overlayed inside and preferably have a hottie that fits you well. Yes, having a proper hood in case it rains and snows; is much easier than to carry an umbrella everywhere.

The shoes are also tricky items because staying with warm feet can make the whole body warm.

Make sure that the sole is thick and made out of rubber, avoiding water to get in, and you from slipping.  Know that the higher the shoe gets the warmer your leg is, so betting on long boots can be a great idea, and if possible make sure the inside of the shoe is lined with warm lining making your feet even warmer.

You don't need several coats and shoes, is much more preferable to have one great boot or sneaker, and one great coat than to have several that won't do their job correctly.

4 - The Accessories.

These step will vary according to how cold it is, and either if you will wear them or not. But it is essential to have the basic items and that they were thought out for the proper cold.

What are the Basic Winter Accessories? A winter cap, gloves, and scarf.

When it comes to caps, you only have to check if it is covering your ears, because that's usually where the wind hits, and botters the most. When it comes to gloves, make sure to have a very warm one, because if you stay outside long enough your fingers will start to hurt and your hand will easily lose its movements.

Scarfs are easy, the fiercer the cold, the thicker and longer the scarf! Today is incredible how we can find so many valid options, in so many different colors. But remember that all of them will have to go with all of your outfits, so a great tip is to always have them in neutral colors.

Winter is my favorite season because it can be beautiful and magical to watch the trees and snow if you are warm enough to do so.

We hope you've enjoyed the tips, and wish you a very warm Christmas.