Colorful Thinking

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to use Colors!

The "Mix&Match" Challenge with the amazing Érika Blanco demonstrated that her clothes, like her, are full of life and personality. And if you have a creative life, which we hope you do, you probably have beautiful colors in your wardrobe as well.

We used 9 pieces of clothes: one grape color long knit skirt; one wine color short skirt; one white blouse and; one pink blush flat t-shirt; one mustard lace dress with the straight cut; one blue Tiffany dress; one flower printed dress; one black blazer and finally one black leather Jacket. We also included 6 accessories: one rounded black purse; one brown belt; one Vans sneakers, one black high heels sandals, where yellow high heels sandals and one black scarpin.
We were able to accomplish 35 different looks, in which a cheerful well-being, was able to be translated by the colors, like (let's admit) they always do.

In a day to day office, is normal to feel insecure about more expressive pallets, especially because when bringing the wrong element to the look, it can be a total catastrophe. But, by knowing what are the elements that should be neutral, letting other pieces stand-out can bring to a "gray"

environment, a more positive and original view.

What are the elements to "watch out for" in a colorful look?

If you are afraid of going wrong when using colors, there are two tricks that will always reassure success in this matter, and they are: neutral accessories and staying in the same style.

Choosing a shoe, bag, necklace, earing, and etc can be a delicate issue because when using the wrong style or print the whole look will fall apart, and that's why is so important to evaluate the style of your outfit and go for something that will naturally fit into it, staying away from prints and shoes that won't.

For instance, a very common error is that a lot of people use on vacations jogging sneakers with normal casual clothes, which can make a casual look result on frowning faces and comments like "ooh, tourists". An error that can be very easily fixed with a whole white, comfortable for sightseeing, style appropriate, famous white-sneakers, or other sneakers that are more casual-looking.

Another example is choosing an evening romantic dress, the ideal shoes would be something also romantic and serious like an all black classic. And when going for a night out with friends, something more fun like punkier high-heels, or even nice sneakers.

Playing with colors is actually easy and simple after you get the hang of it. Pieces with the same style and intention, accompanied by whole colors, and whole prints will change the direction from carnival to well-dressed and original.

Did you like it? Would you wear it? Tell us your favorite outfit!!