To know your own Strength.


I don’t know if you ever found yourself feeling powerless; completely, utterly, out of control. Where the things you're responsible for are never done properly or well enough, whether you worked hard on them or not.

When asking for advice the answers would be that: “That is life”, "we all have our struggles that need to be handled” and "feel like this from time to time”, causing a restless convincing that, since everybody manages, you should as well; and if you fail, you're not strong as or good as everybody else.

I've had depression for a long time now, and in my head, it was always easier to avoid this matter and to treat it as something physiological that might be solved with some medication or vitamin.

I was upset every day and felt powerless every day, and it never occurred to me that, this might be bigger than I'd imagined, and it wasn't a matter of actually being weak, but of transforming my thoughts and dealing with my struggles in order to change my life; to acknowledge that the weakest part of me, was the one that falsely believed that I couldn’t do anything.

I am not saying that you are depressed or weak if you feel like you can’t handle or solve things, but I am saying that: whatever your problems are, there will always be ways of strengthening yourself and dealing with them.

And I came to notice the innumerable situations that are out of my control, and that unfortunately, I can't do anything about them; but also ones that depend entirely on me, and these, I should do with great excellence.

So here are some thoughts that might help you:

Don’t lose it.

Facing the week with a rational thinking helps to make decisions with a clear head and by that, to notice where your strengths and weaknesses lie. That rimed.

My suggestion is that you map your activities and list the tasks that are in your complete control, like exercises, meals, dressing, house tasks, keeping up with your friends, and make-up.

After you mapped your activities, another good idea would be to list your week and add on everything that you want and have to do, scheduling a positive but not exaggerated time-frame. This way you'll learn, how much time you spend throughout each task, and how they work best for you.

The concept of being rational, and organizing your week accordingly, is much harder than it sounds and takes some time to be concretized, but after getting the hang of it, your load will be lighter and much more efficient. And know you won't get it perfectly every day, and that is normal.

Prepare yourself.

Take some time each morning to prepare yourself for the day, waking up a little earlier than usual just to be silent and to meditate on how you want your day to be.

Is very self-improving to feel pretty, like you are the best version of yourself; so take the time you need every week to hydrate your hair, do your eyebrows, (and if there is time to spare) to do your nails. Also dressing well and putting a little makeup on a daily bases, so you feel prepared, will create a habit that your body will know when you are ready for the day.

By choosing outfits that fit who you are perfectly you'll translate comfort in your own skin, confidence, and the wonderful image that: you are capable of anything.

Make it with excellence.

Doing your tasks with love and care can make a big difference to those around you. Knowing that you are trustworthy, reliable, and attentive to detail, will make them comfortable to be around you because they'll know you are responsible. Doing too many things can make you neglect a thew, so I suggest you take on only what you can handle, and soon you'll see yourself like that as well; a hardworking, caring person.

Don’t Compare.

Remember that everybody is different, and for that, you shouldn’t ever compare yourself to others. Is not because you work at a slower, faster, or weirder pace that you should feel lass or unequip.

It’s hard sometimes to deal with advice from your friends and even family when they go through something similar to your situation and think that, whatever worked out for them is going to work out for you because that isn’t necessarily the the the truth. I am not saying that you shouldn’t listen to your close ones, quite the contrary; opening yourself, trusting and hearing whatever they have to say is a huge part of healing; but to also know where your limits and how you function, so you don't try to squeeze yourself into a solution that will never fit.

Know your limits and feel proud every time you draw them and solve them according to your capabilities, taking a look always at yourself and your improvements throughout the years. After all, this is the best way of comparison and continuous growth.

Celebrate your victories!

Every day you achieve goals you've set out for yourself is a huge victory and should be at all times recognized. And a great way of doing that is celebrating, by telling someone that encourages you, so they can be happy and motivate you.

And the consequence of learning to love yourself and your strengths is that these strengths will be multiplied, and you'll be able to take on harder things.

You are held accountable for you! If you don’t face the missteps they won’t be solved, it's your life; but be sure that you are more than capable of doing it.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be” William Shakespeare.

Written by Rafaela M. Glaser