At Desvista we share news, reports, tips on books, documentaries, articles and courses on climate change, sustainability, circular economy, and daily practices.

If we mention a fact from the industries we cover, we always share the source we believe that awareness is truly important

To know and understand a problem is crucial, but in Desvista we believe that action is even more important. After all, is better to take little steps and keep growing both in knowledge and action.


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Sustainable living is born from the relationship you have with the environment that surrounds you

It's not only a matter of how | how much | where you shop

A green life starts in the minute we realize that we are much more than only consumers in the system


Let's get practical

Through our social media we share our sustainable journey and all the tips that are already working for us.

From going to the street markets with no plastic bag to shop for food, to sharing simple solutions for micro plastic waste!

We believe sustainability is above all about simplifying our lives so we can fully live.